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Window Woman on This Old House

Kevin O'Connor talks with Alison Hardy on the set of This Old HouseThe Window Woman team is proud to be part of the Bedford House Project of This Old House, helping with the renovation of The Nathaniel Page Homestead in Bedford, MA. The home is the second oldest project the show has featured to date.

Window Woman restored 16 windows, retaining the profiles of the original single-hung windows and helping preserve the historic nature of the home. The work was featured in three episodes, detailing the removal, restoration, and re-installation of the windows:

Episode 3: "Work on the Addition Begins"
Episode 6: "New Space Revealed"
Episode 8: "Kitchen Inspiration"

See a full list of episodes for the Bedford Project here.

If you are looking for a window restoration specialist in your neighborhood, please visit the National Trust's "Window Contractor Locator".

Restoration vs. Replacement

Your original windows add a lot of character and charm to your home. Chances are they are made from some very solid, high quality wood assembled with fine craftsmanship. Replacement windows cannot compete on sturdiness of material or construction, plus they are designed to fit INSIDE the existing window opening making your windows even smaller! Read more on our Top Ten Reasons to Restore or Repair Wood Windows.

Primarily we work on windows built before 1960. We have developed an expertise with Andersen windows of the 1950's. Don't let anyone tell you your windows are beyond repair until you've let us take a look.


What We Do

Our focus is on making windows functional and beautiful.

Our Services Include:

  • Complete paint removal interior and exterior
  • Sash repair (particularly rot and other damage)
  • Replacing broken glass with either new or antique glass
  • Replacing broken sash cords with new cord or sash chain
  • Weatherstripping
  • Adjusting fit to get windows to open and close properly

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What do we mean by restoration?

window beforeThis window, from a house in Salem, MA, had fallen out of it's opening. A previous repair (metal corner bracket) had failed and the entire lower rail was rotted.

window afterSaved!
We made a new lower rail, re-glued the loose pieces, and did some epoxy
repairs before reglazing and painting. This window is good for another hundred years!

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